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Monday, June 20, 2016

Sacred Summer Solstice

It is the longest day of the year and I am going to get out into it! It's magical to see so many things growing in my garden and to have a house full of dogs!

I have been busy dog sitting and house cleaning, I have been busy celebrating the birthdays of my wonderful amazing ladies in my life!

I have been busy trying NOT to be busy hahahahahahaha

I love all the BBQing evenings and catching up with friends!

I love my cuddling cats, my playful pups and ALL the lavender in full bloom! 

For this is my sacred time of celebrating summer! 

 I am in the earth and I am in the sun shine and I am grateful to God, grateful to breath and grateful to live each day to the very best strength that I can for Glory to Gaia!

To the stars I see my past and I can sense my future, I can enjoy and delight in all the little things in my gardens! 

This is a holy day, this is a time of pure joy!

My Sacred Summer Solstice is here! My beauty of the earth is embraced and honored! I celebrate today with such magic and such love for every little thing in this earth, I am the sun and I am the water this is the gift in being alive!

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