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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Love Letter

Dear June

            Welcome to the Earth again! I have missed you for the last 11 months!

I woke up excitedly as if I were expecting company today! For as the morning air and sunshine greeted my grateful self I smiled with happiness, this fresh air proves that You are really HERE!

How magical are the lavender blossoms bursting forth their sweet fragrance while the honey bees come to dance through the gardens, this is you, this is June!

Thank you for all your hard work in growing gracefully across my life! I will cherish it all  for the sacred strength that you give me to face the shorter colder days of time.

And if I lived in place where you were there every single day I would still be this overwhelmingly grateful, 
I would still be in awe of you!

I walk among the trees and the river, I swing on the playground and I hike up the hillside with my arms wide open to embrace these amazing days of your fresh summer seasonal power!

Every where I look I see your life force, I see your promise that summer will arrive in true style and you will leave me in memories and in peace.

Thank you for being one of the most important months of the whole year in my life and in my heart!

Now let's go have an adventure while you are here!

Sincerely in love with you all the rest of my days,

Debby R. Shively

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