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Friday, June 17, 2016

My Flower baskets

                In 2011 on this blog I wrote quite a bit about my new home, that cute cottage with a huge backyard. 
It was a fun place to live, a good year of being outside and making a home. It was also a refuge place for me during those difficult days at the hospital in caring for my mother after her massive stroke. So that cottage has memories of the past that whenever I stay there again I am reminded of those walls and that landscape. I stayed friends with my first landlords as they had to move back into the cottage while we moved next door for 3 more years in the neighborhood. This home looks different 5 years later but the location, the fun in being with their dogs makes me grateful to return once again. 
How wonderful it is remember that place as it will always be in my memory. I made the flower baskets under the outside windows from a local garden shop around the corner, which is no longer in business. I would water the flower every morning after my first cup of coffee. My 2 small dogs Oscar and Sidda would run through the huge backyard and play in the fresh irrigation water with me! Those were some of the most magical moments of my life! Nothing can last forever but our minds can still remember those moments of pure delight and perfection!
I know that right now I live in a great place with more pets then back at this cottage. That my mother is doing much better these days then in 2011. My husband is now done with law school so all those crazy stressful difficult days are behind me too. yet I enjoyed sleeping over in watching over and caring for the dogs, then I walked among the pear tree, the fence line waving at my elderly friend Bernice as she sat on her back patio I smiled at her saying "It's like we are neighbors again! Like old times!" She laughed and waved back for we had never stopped being friends, just like in caring for these dogs I love staying connected to my past for all the important life lessons they still hold for me to learn.

And most importantly I simply enjoy watching the flowers grow!

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