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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My dog days of Summer

When I say that dog-sitting is my most favorite job ever I mean it, I love watching over and talking to dogs who are missing their owners. I like keeping the dogs in their own home and in their own routine to help lessen the stress on them when their family goes away without them.

The first weekend of June every year now for 4 or 5 years has me staying at a friend's home with their hunting dogs who love playing in the backyard with me in the early mornings, or I take them on a walk in the neighborhood before the summer heat comes in. I takes naps with them or soak in the hot tub as they have something to chew on. I enjoy these dogs, Gus and Sophie. Sometimes they wake up in the middle of the night barking or dreaming but for the most part they love to cuddle with me on the couch over our movie time. 
     It's so much fun to have so many dogs that I know so well and get to be around. June is a fun month to go on vacation, to get out of town for a bit in such nice weather before the strong heat of July kicks in. The days of caring for other people's dogs has me very busy to swing back into my own home and care for my own 3 dogs and 3 cats. I enjoy homemaking where ever that home is for me. The dogs I watch over like having someone home too, so in order to have relaxing lazy evenings I spend my days focused on cleaning, cooking and walking the dogs. Being outside with them, watering the gardens and brushing out each dog for personal time. The calm quiet nap time, the fresh flowers on the table and the bright summer sunshine has my days full of activities before it ever get to 10am! I am grateful for these jobs, for being around so many different dogs this month.

My Oscar looks for me when I am not home at night, he watches over everything and warns my husband if anything is not "right"....I couldn't dog-sit without my husband's help in staying home and being there for our pets. He has a client who needed a dog-sitter for the month of June so Jack a brown lab came to live in my home and my Oscar wasn't sure about this at first. I was glad to be home after my weekend with Gus and Sophie in order to watch how Jack behaves towards my cats and pups. 
Oscar and Jack have become playful friends, if they get tired of each other I put Jack in the office on the guest bed with her own food and water to nap, sometimes I go in and nap with her. This often helps all dogs calm down having someone just be home.
 Like in how I have a new job in feeding 2 dogs for a friend twice a day while she is out of town. I love taking my coloring book with me after I feed and rub down these dogs, give them attention and reassurance  I sit and color so they have some time to calm down and enjoy having a person in their home for awhile or take a nap with them which usually works for them to relax. I feel bad when I have to get back to my own dogs and home. Staying the night is so important for all dogs in feeling safer and in being able to relax when their family is gone. I am grateful for this understanding in how to be the best dog person I can be!
Over this last weekend I stayed in my old cute cottage, the wonderful home I had in 2011. Because I stayed friends and neighbors with my first landlords, they have asked me to care for their 3 dogs often. I love those pups so much! They aren't cat friendly or new dog friendly, they are getting old but they love to have someone simply be home with them. I love seeing them, talking and brushing them out. When they were neighbors barking all the time I would walk over and hug them, then they would stop barking....or I would say "Go lay down." and they did! I was impress that they are such smart dogs who liked me. 

When I added up all the dogs I was responsible for this past Saturday, I counted 9! The 3 I was staying with, the 4 dogs in my own home and the 2 who waited for their food from me.  
It's a wonderful job, back in 2011 in that cute cottage and huge backyard I had my doggie daycare growing while still being a homemaker and now I am doing that kind of work again!
 I am truly grateful, and I am enjoying all these dog adventures, I am cover in hair and slopper!HA!
and I'm truly loving it! I love these Dog days of summer!!!     

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