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Monday, June 27, 2016

First Harvest Party

It was a the warm summer feeling that had me up at 7am with the dog I am still caring Jackie-Jack barking to go potty (she helps me stay on a daily schedule, unlike my dogs who sleep till 9 or 10am with no concerns of what to do next)

These summer mornings are my most favorite time in my life!

I am in awe over all of these days of June, I am having one adventure right after another and I am feeling healthy and's truly wonderful!

My life is pure joy and gift to me over all, but for some reason June has my heart completely!

I have so much to celebrate with all the good weather, flowers growing, the good times in socializing, all the activities held outside....AND this year we are living with AC is a wonderful life! I am doing really good in getting a great night's sleep every night too!
(How did we ever live this long without it???)

                     It is the ending of June so I drove out to the Winery meeting up with my father-in-law Kelly and his wife Teresa who was busy serving tastings and talking to the many customers about their amazing wines!
If you have time next June then don't miss this magical festival!
Williamson's winery will have a new location closer to the highway soon, check out the winery from this link.
.....of course I like the historic location where I went as a kid to pick up boxes of fresh fruit with my mom.

I love taking the long country roads out from my home in Boise Idaho to the now called "Snake River Wine Region." listening to my audio book, drinking ice coffee and enjoying this beautiful perfect summer weather!

My heart is bursting forth such joy and gratefulness to a car that works, to the long wide open roads in such bright morning sunshine and most importantly to the live music while tasting wine with the people I love so much!

CHEERS to this summer time and to a new season of Harvesting in great memories like this!

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