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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Safety First

It's crazy how fast December got here with cold winds and snow, with early dark nights and gray afternoons....December rolled in like those Dementors from Harry Potter letting us know it was appoarching as the world froze in ice and freezing cold temperatures.....THEN the news spun out of control by covering public shootings like everyone was excited for something to talk and I stepped away from the scene in true sadness that this is what we are thinking about, talking and discussing when it really should be about the wonderful holidays all around us.....We should be sharing our favorite songs, recipes and holiday movies this is a joyful season that the crazy angry people out there can't touch in us, yet I understand these society issues are bigger then any Christmas song can fix.....As for me and my home I will listen to the music of magical hope this where my strength and energy is focused. I was reading last night in bed thinking that my own little world holds the joy, the peace of mind that I will choose to do good for others all the rest of my life even when pop culture and live news coverage fill the air around me in such fear and negativity.....I alone have my own feet to move, my own heart to heal and my arms wide open with Safety first on my mind....ALWAYS. With grace and love my pets know, my husband knows my home is a rescue zone. We let the world do it's own spinning and we live happily ever after in our own ways....I stopped reading last night and snapped a picture of the cutest moment ever laying in bed beside my legs, Jazzy my rescue cat of the last 3 years whose whole mission in life is to love, and my Oscar whose mission in life is be right beside me while never really trusting Jazzy as he has to compete with her over my morning lap coffee time made me see such magic in this moment of winter's rest in out of the cold outside, I can't stop the world from hating and being crazy but I can stop my pets from disliking each other, maybe it's my safety first focus or my need for quietness at night before bed that allows my home to be filled with such love like in this picture of last night.......

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