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Friday, December 4, 2015

Love First

          In my new home there is this beautiful bedroom downstairs with a huge walk-in closet and a really nice shower with a new set of washer and dryer across from it where the cats can use the litter box or jump up on their table to eat not far from the bed so when I came down to see these 2 cuddling once again with each other I smiled! 
I love all my cats but these 2 are very very special to me, because Jazzy the fluffy gray cat came to live with me when she was 3 years old as a free gift for volunteering at a animal rescue. I was very sad at the time because Lewis this black cat was going to move out with our roommate at the time, I took such good care of him as he came with the house we had moved into being 6 years old he was very set in his ways but he really liked me. I was his neighbor for a whole year before moving in him. I was over the moon with happiness when his original owner said I should keep him after the roommate guy and his girlfriend moved out.....Lewy turned into a sweet fat Momma's boy in those days I kissed him and carried him around everywhere, he would pur and nap in my lap or keep close by, he knew if I was there then everything was safe. But when I wasn't there he would disappear completely, he ran away from the sight of my husband or the dogs getting playful.....yet when he saw me no matter how far away in the neighborhood he would come meowing for me.
 When Jazzy came into our lives, it was unlike anything I had ever seen 2 adult cats getting along and loving each other so trusting, completely adorable!
Lewis looked at me in alarm when Jazzy walked up to him and licked him in their very first encounter I was chatting to them both about being nice to one another and soon after that their friendship became so strong and so together that when we moved last month I moved them together side by side, Lewis crawled underneath Jazzy and she looked out from the cat fort I made in the guestroom. I kept them both together out of the way of movers, cuddled up in our new home.

They need each other always now, I smile every time at the rare situation it is to have adult cats love each other like this while not being from the same litter of kittens! Lewis is now 9 years old, truly lazy most of the time and Jazzy is 6 with kitten like playfulness she is always on the move in the mornings to be outside and see the world around her then after her many adventures in the day she comes to find her Lewy as they nap like this all the time! I am in awe of their love story, in awe of their friendship and in awe that they are apart of my family, completely cozy, safe and warm in my bed this winter season.

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