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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thankfulness Glows

          In our new home everyday this month without internet and with the glow of the fall in full force and as snow falls today while I cook in the kitchen I am reminded how fast the holidays fly by! In the new beautiful backyard I captured these pictures a few days ago of both my cats Tinker Belle and Lewis enjoying being outside yet not committed to it completely as the cold chill was coming in....
As I talked to them I saw how thankful they were in finally being allowed outside in our new home, in our new schedule. They are not fighting much anymore because they don't know whose house this is yet.....
I am thankful for this year of bravery and of soulful learning, I have more to write on those topics this winter I think....

For tomorrow my family, my parents and my brothers will be able to sit with room around my dinning room in my new magical cozy home, this makes my heart full of such joy and peace in that growing older allows such new memories and new holidays to embrace! 
Happy Thankfulness day, may it be full of good food and good times!

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