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Friday, December 11, 2015

Holidays First

In our new home where the long smooth driveway holds room for half a dozen cars I raked up the Sycamore Tree leaves remembering my other home had those walnut leaves so this is pretty easy compared to raking up back then... The fall afternoon was a bit drizzly and I raced around my galley kitchen feeling a bit panicked in hosting Thanksgiving dinner in my home, by the next sunny warm holiday morning more leaves had dropped and I laughed as it looked like I hadn't worked so hard to clean them all up the day before!

In our new home my husband is so very happy, It's been years since I have seen him this truly honestly happy! I loved how he said something I thought he would never say "You can have company over as much as you want." I laughed fully asking "REALLY? You aren't going to argue, protest and pout every time I host a party or get together?" He nodded back saying "I am very proud of this place, it's a real home with real room to entertain properly. so invite and entertain your heart out." I felt so impressed by this moment, this conversation because I realized all those BBQs or firepit times, in all those get-to-gathers in our other place he would be upset at me if they had to sit around inside because it was such a choppy setup going room to room.....The natural flow of our new home is pure magical and sacred, privacy is perfect from all around the land along with the nicely finished basement where the master bedroom holds room for us all, cats and dogs blankets and pillows, easy access bathroom with motion detector lights so finding your way in the dark isn't hard. The big closet with shelves and drawers has all my cats hiding away or napping in the cozy calm room. I love making little pets beds behind my hanging scarfs and hats, or putting on my shoes seeing a tale sticking out from the bedding counter. 

In our new home laughter fills the air, people come to sit and visit, we eat around a real table or play board games! My heart is truly bursting with such joy in sharing my home and in reflecting how giving everyone has been in creating my home of cozy comfort! As I think to myself "I should start shopping for a new chair to go there...." suddenly a friend of mine is dropping off a chair they thought I could use and I exclaim "Wow Thank you! It's PERFECT!" Since having moved last month my life is FULL of stories and encounters with people like this! I am in true awe of all the good things this home holds and all the lives that it touches!

In our new home on Thanksgiving day I took some pictures before everyone got there knowing this is a very special day, one I can finally sit back and relax next to my mother holding her plate of appetizers as we catch up in visiting, I looked out the dinning room window to all men out there deep frying turkeys in the golden sun light, my beautiful mother-in-law Teresa stirred up the gravy and cooked up the stuffing as the holiday meal was almost ready for our long table for 10. It was a day I would never forget because it glowed in warm fall colors, it held many conversations and shared dishes along the cozy chairs and warmth of our new home. My mother sat beside me happily sharing her shopping adventures lately then she added "I knew I could relax coming here because you would have a nice clean bathroom for me." I laughed back proudly sharing with her "AND it's bigger then the last place, we can go in all the way close the door safely." My Mom joked back "So when can I move in?" and I laughed again. 

In our new home I celebrate the Holidays fully and with such wonder of it all! The internet hasn't been setup there yet so whenever I can make it to my husband's office I get on there otherwise I am out of the loop, out of the constant steaming of online activities....This has lessen my writing, my posting on this blog as well. Life is so full of things to do right now for me that I don't even miss my laptop, I haven't really felt the lack of internet in my life.  I have finished unpacking, organizing and cleaning up my new place. I have cooked, baked and stored up food in my new huge pantry. I have finally got the guestroom looking right, the basement gym room set with workout stuff and all my pets well groomed, fed and loved. I have pulled weeds, setup Christmas lights outside and even got my tree decorated now! All of my little jobs for my friends have kept me busy too, and I make sure to see my old neighbor Bernice twice a week, she has even had tea in my new home! Life in the Holiday season is pure magic for me and maybe it's the only way I can get through such winter wet cold weather as this outside today....

In our new home my husband comes home from work with a sigh saying "Why do you make it so wonderful here? It's impossible for me to ever leave again!"  We sit every night before bed time drinking hot tea planning out the next day and simply enjoying the soft glowing decorated Christmas tree, in our new home we are healthier and happier together grateful for this house of LOVE! With my constant Holiday first focus we welcome in the new year against the cold nights outside, our cats cuddling on the couch and our dogs snoring in front of the heat vent, I look around in such joy, in such peace of mind that I want for nothing else! Expect to share these walls with more people in my life and with more joy down the road into the new year ahead! Finally we are coming to an end of my husband's law school, in moving and in changing up our routines I feel like every day is a gift again! That the holidays will be better from here on out, that my pets can happily retire in such a peaceful beautiful backyard and I can truly live happily ever after no matter what will happen next....


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