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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Snow First

                  The wind blew snow right into the windshield as I drove dark into the late night, going home wasn't as easy as leaving that day. I wanted to be home, I wanted to be in my soft pants and wool sock with a tea cup in hand sitting in front of the tree....

Yet instead I drove on through the well known streets and city lights covered in snow, my husband complained "Slow down! It could be icy." I slowed down just a bit as I round the road corner thinking to myself "HOME. Home, home, home I want to be home..."  he added "Maybe we should grab a bite to eat....I am kinda hungry." I replied back quickly "Nope. unless you want to go back out and get something then you can. But it's late so the fast food would be gross and poor quality or the restaurant will be closing soon so the mop bucket is out by where ya would sit....I just want to be home right this very moment." He chuckled back "You are really becoming a homebody lately." I nodded in complete agreement saying "Well, it IS winter and I live in such a cozy place." The soft glow of my salt lamp greeted us as I parked by the kitchen window in the cold darkness and I happily found my pets all waiting on us for snuggles and cuddles before bedtime, the Christmas tree smelled good and sparkled away as I happily knew these are my favorite nights not having any noise and simply warming up as the snow fell down outside.  There is a choice we make everyday to enjoy it or not, I think driving in the crazy wind of snow helps me remember I have created a home full of beauty and safety....and it can always snow as along as I have no place to go! Ha!

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