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Friday, December 25, 2015

Dogs First

Last night at my husband's co-worker's Christmas party he said jokingly that I will not let him buy a coffee if we still need to buy dog food. The group laughed but I joined in proudly agreeing saying
 "Our dogs come first, always."

         It's a calling, a mission and a passion of mine to do the best I can in my pet care. 
My husband loves having such cuddling, well trained and lazy dogs now in our life too! He agrees that the welfare of our dogs should be our first focus. When my husband said "people who don't let dogs in their home are often very selfish people I have noticed, I don't want to be like that! nor do I want to be around such people for very long..." I smiled and nodded back at him having realized that when I was just a kid watching the adults in my life. People who didn't like dogs on them where always unhappy people. I still feel that way and now that I am older I don't waste my time with the "wrong sort" for my life!

I can see how healthy and happy I am when my dogs are napping around me, when we all go to bed at night cuddled into each other like a tetris game. I wouldn't change a single thing with them in my life, they have made me a better person, they have taught me how to just be!

This is why my dogs will ALWAYS come first they are pure love, they are loyal and trusting me to keep them safe. I have vowed to never let them down, I have promised Oscar my very first dog to never loose my temper and never loose my control over our home's environment. 
To be the alpha of my pack isn't to be bossy or selfish, I think lately in the news what they say is an "alpha person" is mistaken, because an alpha personality should never be alone...ever. 
Being type A personality is different then being an actual alpha, This bugs me a bit of course that people assume they are alpha because they don't get along with other people, oh please, that is not how a pack of wolves work or a pack of dogs for what I have observed... 
A real alpha is never selfish, never boastful, never arrogant and most importantly never reckless. 
The alpha of a pack sees the next step ahead clearly, with the needs of others to come first.
The alpha knows who they are inside out, tested and true! Alphas focus on the safety of their family, never to abandon, never to forget about another member. 
So it is impossible for an alpha to ever be all alone, it's in their job description to always be there for others, so if they are actually living all alone, then they are not caring for a family or pack therefore they are NOT an alpha anymore...they are an "alone wolf" or struggling even "wounded" person having lost their job of caring over their family. So whenever someone says to me that they are an alpha so no one likes them well I just sigh a bit explaining how alphas are very liked, much needed to be there for those who don't want to be in charge, an alpha is respected by it's followers and is completely trusted. 

My whole life changed 9 years ago when puppy Oscar came
into my arms. He has taught me how important an alpha is! I watch him watching me, we have learned the true value in our shared lives and I would never go back! 
Oscar was my first dog, I knew that I could be a better person for him, I knew I needed to never loose my temper, never allow him to doubt me. So dogs first became my passion and my true calling for my soul! Then in the spring of 2011 Sidda became my second dog very naturally, she was 8 years old and Oscar was 5. They would play with each other in the sweetest soft ways I instantly noticed Sidda was my dog of LOVE.....There isn't a single person who meets her that doesn't fall in love completely! 
I was just thinking this morning about how Oscar is my loyal dog, Sidda is my love dog and Minnie is my lazy dog! 

My husband loves how Minnie came into our lives with one clumsy goofy move she put her cockier spaniel saggy face on his lap the very first evening he met her and I saw how he melted at her clueless sweetest.....after a few days when I said that I may of found her a new home thinking it was my husband who said we can NOT have 3 dogs, I explained how I  could get her into a good home only to have him freak out in protest "Minnie can be misunderstood, what if she is mistreated for not being very smart in her new home??? No, she stays HERE." that was 4 years ago now, we still don't know how old she is but the gray hair now under her eyes makes me think she is as old as Oscar.
When I told Minnie the first hour I met her "If you can get Tony to like you then you will have a forever home here my love." I didn't realize she could understand me so clearly hahahaha      
She is my husband's idea of a perfect dog, never really barks, never likes to go on walks, never goes outside in bad weather, never likes to skip nap time, and loves all kinds of foods!  

Our pack of pets all get along, napping together and happy to simply be together on this magical Christmas morning, I put them first in my life because they rely on me and they bless my life with all kinds of adventures and laughter! 
Once I took the dogs with me to house sit and my husband came home to a quiet dark place that felt strange and sad to him, he realized in that moment all alone how the warmth of pets play a huge part in how and why our lives are so magical! 

MERRY CHRISTMAS from my pack to yours!

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