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Thursday, June 4, 2015

My Beloved June!

I LOVE JUNE!I love summer overall of course but it is June where cherries come on and the fire pit glows every night! 
If I could live somewhere that had 12 months of June then I would clearly move there tomorrow! I was swinging the other day watching the foothills nothing was to hot or to dried out THIS is the beginning of summer, the free feeling of wide open days in good weather and warm sunshine .....I could smell the air full of nature, full of summer, to the sound of children playing I swung awhile realizing how nice it is to know many more days like this are ahead of us once again, with BBQs, Swimming, Biking and lazy picnics! The whole world looked so green while I was swinging the sweet summer time morning and I knew THIS is the greatest month of ALL!
I am ready for a good summer......feels like magic to embrace this month once again!

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