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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Be the Change

"BE the change you wish to see in the World" -Gandhi

When I first read that quote I was 24 years old and had been fighting with my parents, with many people in my family about creating my own life's story in getting married and in creating a non-traditional wedding. I read that quote while shopping for lavender color decorations and scented candles.  I am not being the change I wish to see in the world trying to please everyone or make everyone else happy for my wedding.....shouldn't I simply be happy or peace more if this is my right decision?  
I began a new journey one that call for bravery and knowledge in why I decided the way that I did in the faces of so many judgements. I kept saying to myself   "Be Nice, Be respectful...that's the kind of change i wish to see in the world." When I was living on my own I was very angry and very annoyed at the way the world works or the way people manipulate each other through fear or faith.
It was even more alarming to me when I learned about my gay friend John never being allowed to marry his lover. Then my cousin came out of the closet saying how unfair it is to not have the same rights as straight people and I declared loudly in those days "WELL NOW.... That's has GOT to change! LOVE is bigger then any rule society sets up, Be the change you wish to see, lead by example and simply shine with LOVE above all else!"

When I first got married I simply thought of it as a statement to the world that my husband Tony was THE most important person in my life and I took a public step to have a creative ceremony to prove it sooooooo why couldn't EVERYONE do that if they wanted????

This weekend has been a magical celebration, a wonderful moment in our nation's history, The Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality for ALL. To love who you want and to make a public statement is truly wonderful and freeing!

BE THE CHANGE and embrace the rainbow of LIFE out there for we only live once so why not LIVE WITH LOVE?

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