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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Little Wonders - Rob Thomas - Lyrics on Screen - (HQ)

To my good friend Molly who knows me so well and loves to live just as much I do! She is one of those beautiful happy women that brings kindness and hugs with her everywhere and she shared this song with me when I was struggling so much yesterday.......

To my magical mother-in-law Teresa whose wisdom and comfort is a life boat to me when I feel like such a fool, when I feel like I need a Goddess full of guidance to help me choose my next step carefully! I longed to see her yesterday morning thinking she was out of reach only to have her walk right into me as I cried over the phone she found me in person.....Life is pure magical when I am not even looking for it! To beauty of the Earth to the glory of the skies I was struggling so much yesterday in my need to be helpful and kind I wanted to make the world a better place only to realize it came at a cost of my own good health.......In these small hours I am changed and I am growing!

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