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Monday, June 22, 2015

Last Night

Last Night was a clear sky full of stars and crescent moon, I walked all over my backyard wide awake and much more sober then earlier.....Having gone wine tasting with my husband and his dad the 3 of us had such great time even swinging by to see my father-in-law's wife Teresa at her new wonderful job in the Williamson Winery. These are the kind of parents I'm so deeply grateful for, they are happy and healthy while delighting in good foods, good drinks and good times! I am never worn out by the topics they discuss and the true honest conversations we have! It was such a perfect father's day, it was such a BEAUTIFUL magical day after 6 wineries I sat outside instead of participating in the last 2 tastings, I could feel my head swimming a bit that I was very grateful for every little detail in my eye sight and a good nap back at Dad's house with my dogs helped bring me into the Summer Solstice Celebration with a clear head and a clear heart that as I grow older my personal struggles with my own father are laid to rest even better then the year before. I asked my mother over the phone "Is Dad having a good Father's day?" She snorted back "He doesn't care about these kind of holidays, we did nothing for him because that is what he likes." I chuckled back nodding my head that sadly my father has never changed in all his over 60 years now.....If I wish for more from him then that is purely on ME not him, so if I let him be as he is then he is happy and that should be what I want for him on father's day isn't it???? The truth is for all of us that if you stop to think about it is very very easy to become a Father, to actually stay around while your mother painfully gives birth and help raise you is far more difficult choice for the man, those who stay and those who care can make good to even great fathers but the celebration is that they didn't bolt, they are fathers and sometimes they don't eat their young in the end...sometimes. I was far more focused on the Happy Summer Solstice then on a Happy Father's day.....Because Mother Earth will always out last any parent's relationship in the end! I was in true delight of the night's sky and of all the helpful good in-laws that I have!

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