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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Stuff in Spring Cleaning

When it comes spring cleaning I wonder HOW did I get all this STUFF?
I love deep cleaning, getting my step stool and sweeping down the ceilings to wiping the walls to scrubbing the floor boards to mopping the floor. In each room there are bugs in the light fixture and in the floor vents I am always amazed at how much work cleaning is. How can I cook dinner when dusting 3 book shelves and each book? No wonder a place as huge as  "Downton Abby" had a person for every section of the home or else it would all fall apart!
My love for "The story of Stuff." has changed my life over the last decade and I am by far much happier in having more time for myself to delight in good fun things more then when I was younger working all the time to buy into that idea of "success".
The story of stuff will always be there so I have learned by saying "NO, I don't need that." or "my time using that is now over." I keep my home cozy and clean in an easy way, no storage fees or wasted time moving boxes from one room to another feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. I only own the items I actually use and every year for spring I clean out my home from winter hibernation in awe of all things gathered here.
Time to take charge of the social system in hounding us to buy their stuff, the whole system could be fixed if we put an end to money in politics and put money into our communities for a better quality of life. I love a fresh cleaned out home, AND I would love a fresh clean government too! So here's to "spring cleaning." out there :-)

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