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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Slowly in this new spring season I am noticing all kinds of flowers and blossoming trees, as I drive around day after day to get my husband to his classes and his office sometimes my elderly neighbor Bernice rides with me, especially if we are running to the store. (The only kind of shopping we like is the food and home store NOT the mall or any big department store.) Bernice exclaimed "Downtown Boise sure has changed since I stopped driving, not that I came down here much before it's just so different I am not sure where we are, I'm glad YOU are driving!" I chuckled back explaining where we were as the car moved on back up the hill to our homes and our quiet calm good life once again. Bernice exclaimed "Look at all these flowering trees, they are just so beautiful!" I told her we should plan on doing a picnic this summer and she can get out down by the river again. She suddenly remembered that's where her childhood farm was at least 80 some years ago before this area grew in like this. I sighed to myself thinking how it's always something about the past that makes me wish I was born then as she describes her kind father and beautiful landscape.....It's funny how fast our minds take us back in time, how our memories give us insight to the things we are dealing with today. Bernice has so many stories even some I have heard a few times over but I always love listening to them again for how else will I remember everything she is teaching me? When Bernice returned home after her back surgery and recovery in the summer of 2011 I lived next door and could go help her put her socks and shoes on every morning this is how our friendship began, every night I would take them off then help her to bed so she healed properly and recovered slowly from a walker to a cane to now walking just fine again. We go grocery shopping every couple of weeks and I can find her pretty easy after I run through my own list then I help hold all her coupons, I help her get to the check out and she always buys her dog a toy or treat. This winter she asked me to come clean for her once a week as she wears out quickly anymore. I truly LOVE cleaning like this, I love organizing and creating a place for everything to fit nicely and even stage it a bit for a cozy classy look! Sometimes she had big projects for me to work on all afternoon like storage or the pantry, these kind of days leave me dirty from head to toe but I sure enjoy the finished look! 
Slowly in this new spring season I am excitedly waiting for it to warm up more so we can garden together, Bernice who knows so much about gardening, about birds and trees. She still buys flowers and pots to fill her patio chair with color and beauty! And no matter what I am doing she  reminds me to sit awhile for a break and a nice long conversation over ice water or hot tea, I sure do love her friendship! I love how right now her whole yard is blooming and how much our friendship has grown over these last few years!

I am in complete AWE of where I live and how nice, how friendly my neighborhood is as I zip up my sweater to walk down the sidewalk happily thinking "These are "the Good old days" RIGHT HERE and NOW, I really do love my life, my home, my pets and of neighbors."

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