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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Finding the Sun


Yesterday I planted garden seeds wondering to myself "Is this going to grow in Full sun?" Because after all these seasons later finding the sunshine is how I've spent most of my time observing the outside world under my care.
Yesterday I saw worms, spiders, bugs of all kinds as I dug down into the soil. It comes together everyday looking better then the day before....I have a vision of walking pathways with colorful flowers greeting you along the way while also growing veggies and edible things in among that much needed sunshine! I am living in a house almost to big for me, almost to much for me to keep up on but outside is where I truly thrive!
My cats and dogs find soft grass or warm rugs to nap while I clean up around all the trees. It's been fun to live here, to share my guest room in entertaining and listen to great stories around the fire pit glow. The fact we are only a couple of minuets from the growing downtown with such a country side neighborhood full of  history and huge yards makes me proud to know it all so well!
Yesterday I turned on the water hose and gave all my fruit trees a drink, life will never slow down but we can choose to stop being so busy in order to see it unfold. The sun shine right now feels so warm and bright coming through the naked trees as they start to find their leaves. I love early flowers, cold crop veggies and no real big weeds yet.....finding the sun shine makes being outside, being a gardener even more wondrous!
My home has been an adventure taking on a different look here and there, I love spring cleaning it all this time of the year, knowing where every little thing is and what I still need to fix. With life always on the move, with cats that nap on my lap or dogs that sleep under the messy bedding I think over in awe how wonderful it is that we can all be together, we can all safely sit outside or simply go find the sun in our wonderful life!
Yesterday I thought over all my blessings, over all my delights as I hope to see it all soon grow more with that sparkling sun!

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