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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Days of Jazmin

 It came up so suddenly that I am dog sitting this huge beautiful puppy named Jazmin, Her owner is an older woman in her sixties so this 16 month old runs circles around her. I could sense instantly that Jazmin's owner is a sad lonely lady as we met for the first time. This happens all the time when people think a brand new puppy needs to come into their lives and help them not be so lonely, however what ends up happening more time then not is that adorable puppy grows up quickly while their new owner is still struggling in deep grief or pain. Then all kinds of behavioral issues unfold in which both companions struggle with each other.....This is the story for Jazmin, she is a wild one, more wild then I can remember ever dog-sitting before. 

By the end of this week I will have done all I could to help her yet I am not sure I can ever bring her back into my home since I am truly grateful to have such a utopia here with 3 old well mannered dogs and 3 old lazy cats.....These pets of mine look discussed and betrayed by the sudden craziness of Jazmin. I won't put them through this again, I understand now just being there for people can't always work when I have to dedicate my whole life (even all night long) to training a completely crazy puppy!

My husband isn't happy with me for not realizing the depth of stress simply dog-sitting would cause.  As Jazmin howls all night long and barks at weird lights or shadows on the walls I find myself worried over the mental state of this very bored easily excited puppy? As I sleep with her on my guest bed I see a need in her to please and to be with someone always but she is just so confused. Yet she will not settled down completely, she naps for an hour maybe and only really relaxes when she is riding in the car with me.

 I am working hard to keep her balanced and worn out. We walk for miles and climb up foothills, we walk all through downtown, go by the zoo and walk even run a bit by the Boise river. Her attention isn't devoted to me, she isn't aware of nature nor really sure what to think about chasing the ball in the dog park instead she bites her leg and tail, goes crazy barking and scratching at reflections of light on the floor. When it comes to meal time the word to describe her is INSANE.  There is no calming her down at the idea of food, she wildness even bites at my hand holding her dish and as I try to work with her there is something that snaps in her and she is GONE. I find this to be the most dangerous time with her of all! 
I wish I could figure out how to not get plowed over for her food? I wonder why she is crazy maybe she is starving as a growing puppy or maybe she fears this is the only food she will ever get? As I leave her in the guestroom to eat I realize one day that bad behavior over eating so fast and desperately could grow into a huge aggression.
In fact she is very aggressive I have been training her all the while she still does what she wants to do in a puppy cute manipulating dance, she knows what she is doing while she acts clueless. Her owner said she wasn't aggressive at all but instead very skittish. What I see is however is that she might not bite you or another dog until backed into a corner but she WILL do whatever she wants. I am a bit worn out taking care of her, I couldn't imagine being 30 years older trying to keep up and I wonder if Jazmin knows  she can out run, out wit and out last her owner? I am glad to walk with her for her beauty gets many people smiling, many people admire her. I love to have a reason to climb the foothills and to help her wear out, I like petting her once she finally sits down and I hope her life story is one that ends good for all I can do is watch over her this week and learn just how important it is to match your own life style to your dog, how no matter the sadness in life one should be healthy and strong if taking on a big puppy like her or else chaos unfolds.....Nothing can save us from loneliness or heart ache, being distracted by a dog full of energy however will make you realize how important it is to be ready for young blood and new adventures to make sure you can out run and out smart your newest family member in order to stay in charge and in control. Jazmin will no doubt calm down as this week goes by, she is already more aware of my commands but my family here will not miss her when she goes home on Saturday. 
It's a good reminder of how peaceful and calm my own "pack" really is if I were to forget and dog-sit a puppy again

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