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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Eggs

     The beautiful green grass grew across the golf course way out into the Boise river out lined by tall trees. The small slope up to my mother-in-law's huge house was where I was when she said "Debby can you go hide all of these Easter eggs for the kids? I have things to do in the kitchen." I beamed while setting down my cup of coffee exclaiming "Of course! I love this kind of thing!" The colorful plastic eggs full of money, candy and small toys were set all over the backyard that run down into the sidewalk. This neighborhood was big and new so the landscape was easy to reach the top of baby trees and bushes I ran around happily to setup the egg hunt.  
An hour later the twin girls Kasey and Avery were squealing and getting ready as I half hugged their brother Alex chatting with them on carrying their baskets. It was a fun late morning, the adults drank mimosas and ate omelets on the patio table while the race was on for the hidden and clearly seen rainbow colored eggs. Holidays are made far more magical with kids running around and laughing! I cheered them on, danced around and then sat on the floor in the living room counting their eggs and excitedly seeing what all was inside each colorful container! Being like a kid is far more fun to me now as an Adult for I have no fear in truly gleefully enjoying the colorful magical holiday! These kids are my husband's cousins born after he grew up of course and they are always such good kids, as the four of us sat on the floor together I noticed how kind they are to each other in sharing all their Easter eggs without being told to do this, how they celebrated with each other in their prizes instead of getting jealous or upset. I realized how our parents treat us when we are born is how we react as children. If you live in fear or chaos as I had as a small child then a simple Easter egg hunt turns badly, I remember a huge field covered in eggs my Father said "Go for the big ones, that's where the GOOD prizes are." my mother was telling my sister the same thing but I so little in understanding as soon as the race was on I went for the first egg I saw only to get trampled on with my Father yelling crazily after me to get up I was soooooo terrified when I finally found my feet again, I found my sister hitting a strange kid for taking her basket and the pure craziness of this memory makes me smile proudly over how nice and calm these kids were, One day soon I thought they will grow up, they will be teenagers not so interested in giggling over Easter eggs like this and exclaiming "LOOK! WOW! a whole dollar was in this egg!" we all zoom in to see "WOW!" we all exclaim and smile at the true magic I was able to hide all around outside on such a lovely spring day!

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