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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Watching a series

Whenever I watch a series I noticed that unlike watching a movie these shows allow you to really get to know all the characters of  the story.
It is a weekly event to watch a new episode and see how deeper the plot thickens, some series are so well written that you wish they had more then one or two seasons. Then there's the other side of drawing out these dramas until the show finally ends with you shaking your head at how poorly written it all became.
When your friends and family watch the same series that you do then sharing in the excitement of reacting to the show becomes part of your instant connection to them. The fact that you may not know them so well or have a lot in common the series that they also watch brings new topics and discussions to the socializing moment. 
Life moves on into real time in much the same way as with watching a series, taking yourself along it's story pathway where you get to know all the characters better in your life day to day or year to year the situations changed. You are the main character with many different possibilities in your choices to live your own life.  We watch shows to escape this world only to see ourselves captured on screen in a way we can relate and react. I have a style entirely all my own in what series I like getting into and what stories I am more interested in then others. Much like in my own life I choose to enjoy who I am not who everyone else might think I should be, I look at living life's great adventures are easier to do when I know and understand who I am first. Kicking back on a cold rainy night with a glass of red wine and a couple new episodes to watch makes me so grateful for the calmness I choose in my shows and in my home.

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