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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Historical series

When the theme song came on the TV as a kid I would race out of my room to sit on the floor to capture this delightful show! It was my most favorite of all shows back then and mostly because of that smooth filming in times gone past.
Now as I watch it again I'm filled with that same kind of peaceful awe, I loved animals as a kid impart from this drama series, the fact that dogs came and went in the house was delightful to me and now as an adult I move around with 3 dogs under foot talking to them in the very same way as Sigfried!
I can't express enough how much I love my life more now as an adult then ever I did as a kid! But it was when I was growing up when I paid close attention to my parents and to the TV shows we watched that makes me who I am today. My father liked this show as well but he never had that concern for animals. I understand now that He could barely like himself much less like bring home dogs and cats to feed. His kids kept him worrying about food and bills while his wife would say "We need a bigger house." My mother would always look at my concern for animals as if I didn't get it, as if I had unhealthy emotional imbalanced explaining to me "Don't worry about it, God is in control of all things even these sickly kittens....if they die that was God's will so don't cry so much." I grew up feeling my mother just thought God was an invisible grounds keeper.  This show gave me such delight back in those days of my past, watching again now in my life I am flooded with "flashbacks" memories with my parents.  To this day they are not good to their pets, now they aren't torturing them but they are still thinking God can feed the animals they have better things to do, so very sad really. 

The classic vet like James Harriet is a dying career out there in a world of greed and humans first mentality. 
"All Creatures Great and Small" played on PBS (Public Broadcasting System) giving us a glimpse of how life used to be or could be again living in harmony next to the farmland and all the living souls on it. Yes some animals can feed and care for themselves just fine but there are some where humans hands can save their life in what would of been a sure death. Life and death go hand in hand next to the cycling of the world but helping each other to stay here a bit longer together is a warm hopeful feeling full of love and joy, the separation that comes from death makes us cherish when we had lived all the more, maybe because my parents are so different from me while we watched this show taking away from it a different message makes me on high alert to doing good for the creatures that need my husband constantly reminds me that I can't save them all, maybe he is worried one night he will got bed not ever finding it under tons of furry snoring dogs! I'm very aware of how I can't care for every unwanted dog or cat but I will never stop trying, I will never give up trying to better the lives of anyone who finds my front door.  They probably will hear the lovely calming music of "All Creatures Great and Small" playing from my TV as I set out plates of food thinking to myself  "At least feed them....everything else will work out better with a full tummy for them."   
Understanding basic health gives me a sense of being able to help heal and care all the better. And watching this show makes me so happy in my everyday life <3

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