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Sunday, October 26, 2014

These Times are a changing


 Whenever the seasons change so does our focus on things in our lives, I have noticed over the last few years a big change in the way we take pictures of our lives as well.
It is almost impossible to find someone without an Iphone, or Ipad that snap a great looking picture within seconds of setting the moment up. I have noticed how no one hold the camera part of these gadgets up to their face anymore. The way we snap pictures nowadays is so fast and so instant the camera doesn't need to be held very steadily anymore either! There will always be a sort of form in art to how we take pictures that this fast and easy way seems so rather lost in it's classic style to me. I know how fast everything changes in the technology world, I don't even pretend to stay up on it all. I simply take pictures the "OLD school" way with my hands out and my body very very still. No doubt even the way everyone takes pictures, share "selfies" and hold the camera away from their faces right now could change once again before another 10 years have come and whatever happens is the future of progress, I get that BUT I still like classic things. My camera isn't my phone, I prefer a separate world for each of my gadgets that should last forever in my opinion.....My shadow could very well change with time but how I capture it won't. I enjoy my life in all these simple organized ways as people ask "Did you see on Facebook...?" I reply back with a "No, I haven't been on my computer yet today." They pause with FB shinning from their phones and I chuckle to myself all the more........

These times they are a changing so quickly! AND I enjoy trying to keep it all simple for as long as I can, for as long as I live!

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