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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Watching the world!


It has been the warmest fall I can really remember! The trees are all changing but that sunshine is still blazing warm in the middle of the day. I love it of course! 
There's so many projects I have completed because the summer warmth is lasting so long and I enjoy still adding potting soil to pots to plant my mums next to my pumpkins while still watering and finishing the edges around my garden. Freshly laid mulch and compost mixed together lays over everything that is done growing. I am still pulling weeds in my big rock garden that the cats love to sun nap and lay on in hidden spots. When I take my time to get my list done I feel so good and like to sit back to watch the world! 
My home is a beautiful space that will keep me on my toes until the last leaf falls into place! (Yes I have places for these soon to arrive leaves as free mulch and nature's best pathways.) Every evening I have been throwing the Frisbee for my dog, Oscar. We watch the world change all around from night to night as it gets dark far to fast and as I cuddle with ALL my pets just before bed I think of how wonderful this particular fall has been.
It has been so sunny and so clear out there in the valley that I have been taking my own walks through the park, the downtown sidewalks for miles and even love hiking up in the foothills. Being on my own gives me such a peaceful ponder of this life time that I get to share in all these great beauties around me!
The harvest season is also the giving of thanks for all we can share with each other and I am truly deeply grateful to take time out from my project focus to simply be out in the world! Reading a book on the bright patio of a coffee shop or walking with a cup of coffee to the river side I have been doing it all in the last couple of weeks because of this great good warm weather.

My heart hasn't felt this way in a long time simply just peaceful and joyful to stop and be, I still have Benny's phone number in my phone that in moments alone I would love to reach out to her, life goes on in the most bittersweet ways as I recently made a new friend I completely adore and how rich the old friends have become in helping me go through my grief! 
Life is a circle, I'm coming back around to paying attention to it more for all the connections I have and all the souls I get to hug close to my heart in this magical life all the more. When I get to the top of the hill overlooking  my beautiful Boise I start singing in my head "I'm on top of the world, yeah!" Then I simply stand still and watch as it lays out before me........

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