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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Strawberry Spring

    The world of desserts has changed so much for me over the years, in learning so much about the inflammation of sugar I have found ways around it while still tasting life's sweetness! Sometimes cravings for such sugar can be so powerful that on those days I buy berries and cream. Strawberries have been cheap so I gladly made a quick fix to my sugar craving lately by slicing some up and splashing a little lemon juice over them in a bowl with ground cinnamon sprinkled, they sit at room temperature awhile as I whip up some whip cream, it's just heavy cream in a bowl with a mixer. The fluffy fatty stuff is heavenly without any added sugar as I put the strawberries over it and in this picture I also tossed dark dark chocolate chips. The less sugar you can make your desserts the better for you all around! Whip cream has a natural sweetness that I couldn't see why one would put in MORE sugar while it whips up? Berries are the best fruit out there as most everything else is high in fructose which is sugar as well....
             The world of desserts is a wonderful fun place to eat such good yummy things as long as it isn't every night or full of that sweet addicting poison called SUGAR.

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