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Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Social Surprise


     The sunshine was in full motion over the beautiful city of Boise, I was excited to see my cousin Henry soon! I was thrilled by all my morning chores and setup to having guests arrive soon. 
    The temperature was perfect as I admired the walk along sidewalk in the historic part of town. "Let's go grab an ice coffee on the way to your new office." I said smiling at my husband who had just said that I always roll out the red carpet for company, if it were up to him there would never be any company at all for anything. I never can relate to his reserves for I come from such a huge interacting family. Where as he was raised to not get stuck among any family member for long.
     I have loved my cousin Henry for all of my life, (he was the first baby I can recall holding too) For we always stuck together even if we argued while growing up. We will always be friends I think, we are both proud of each other in our adulthood as well so that kind of respect and friendship is very refreshing!
After every time Henry and his partner come to visit, my husband will state afterwords "Now that was really fun having them here!....I kinda feel like maybe I have missed out not knowing any of my own cousins in that fun way You and Henry are with each other."
   So the sunshine was warm and perfect last Friday afternoon, not to hot and not to cold as I gushed into the Flying M coffeehouse downtown, having not been there all winter it was fun to be out and about with the approaching excitement inside me of seeing my dear Henry soon! 
When suddenly a voice rang out as I adjusted my eyes from being outside to in, "There you guys are!" it rang out from the leather couch and I squealed "HENRY! ALEX! Oh my god you are already HERE!" I threw my arms around them both and laughed on as the joy in seeing such a good family like them warmed my heart and made us all sit down over coffee to laugh all together once again! 
Later on my husband said as we walked over to his internship office "I think they are my favorite kind of company and who knew that I would ever admit to liking company in our guestroom?" 
I just laughed back thinking how fun it is to come from such a big extended family after all. 
My cousin Henry and I will always be the kind of family who sings TV show theme songs or quote every line in story plot and laugh out loud together when we are made aware of how nerdy we can proudly be! In this past weekend having them here was such a wonderful time and I am ever so grateful to the magic of it all, to the family we share!

*My cousins captured in NY Times*

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