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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The way of Life

  It is a powerful thing to step back and look at the earth around ya for a moment, The beauty and it's need for water,  like in my own self there's such a powerful moment in grasping that water of life.
It is a powerful moment to realize how nothing exists without water, how all of time would be gone if this magical substance was taken from us.....It is important to be grateful for water and life as it goes hand in hand.
I love sitting by the pound in the park for a quiet moment of thought, in my life lately water looks and feels so refreshing that I can't seem to get enough of it. 
I love how the way life pops through the ground shortly after water rolls over it, and I love the way my bare feet get all sticky in mud or can be washed completely cleaned by this same delightful liquid. (Maybe I was a Dolphin in a previous life from the fact I admire and enjoy water so much!) 
While gardening today I was happy to see how well everything is growing from those sparkling water drops that shoot from the hose over the welcoming growing world that is left thirsty like my own self. 

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