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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A peaceful way

          It is getting very busy for the approaching summer I haven't been writing as much in these nice days to be outside, as always gardening takes strength and attention. 
Life gets annoyingly busy here and there so my plan is to keep it all simple and peaceful this summer. I want to find a peaceful way to do this, AND not work so hard, so fast through this favorite season of mine especially avoiding ever being dehydrated again....yes, yes, I forgot to drink water for 2 days of intense working outside and at the pet food store with such sudden heat I was careless in not getting more water to my dry mouth! The dizzy weakness I felt took me down for a whole day unexpectedly and I knew instantly how dehydrated I was in such painful reactions. 
Now all I want is water! All I crave is such refreshing delicious water!
         It is easy to get distracted, to pull weeds and work the ground under the warmth of the sun light without stopping to drink. After a few days doing this though it will knock ya down to get back on track for water isn't just for the garden seeds, it is apart of your own needs too...Oooops! I will pay better attention from now on sheeeesh what a wake up call! I love water, I love it even more as it rescues us all from an early painful death;-)
          It is a peaceful place were water is found, it is a peaceful way to feed the ground and most gratefully it can bring me back around to be on my feet again!

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