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Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Round About Way

           It happened so quickly my main drive home everyday was changed, it was my favorite way to drive right up through the Train Depot. I guess it still is with the sudden "Round About" put in. I walked by it finally as the hundreds of times driving by never allowed my full attention. It is a very narrow circle in which no one seems to know how it works! AUGH peoples it isn't that hard to just keep driving and NOT crash into each other please! Now my husband hates it of course, I had to hear each time we went through the construction just how much he hated it....I simply stopped going home that way for awhile. I think it's beautifully done, impossible to enjoy the art work while driving by of course but it is very classy when you walk over like I did and stand on it to look down. There is no other way to really understand the message "This is the city of trees" unless you dodge cars and hold your breath to be standing over it then race back to safety like a squirrel fully aware of the never stopping cars flying by!
       My idea of art is in a PEACEFUL place like on a public bench or downtown wall....Oh well they didn't ask me if this new Round About art should lay flat or stick up more;-}

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