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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 4

Day 4 in this diet, the whole30 re-start to healthy living is rather hard to do! In all honesty it is VERY hard to cut out some of my food pleasures like dark chocolate, heavy cream and alcohol! First night I ate all the jerky in the house, drank 3 cans of sparkling water at once wishing it was a gin and tonic!
Then the second day I rushed over to the fruit stand and bought 50 bucks of fruits and berries, to help me not go crazy in missing my dark chocolate. Oh that beautiful rich deep almost bitter chocolate! How I miss it so much and I guess that just tells me it was in my everyday life way to much?!? But it is so rich, dark, deeply creamy that it satisfies my sweet tooth! FRUIT was the only qualified sugary food on our Whole30 diet. I am not stupid I know sugar is poison, but the lesser sugar in dark chocolate has become one of my main evening treats paired with some red wine!
No alcohol was no big deal....until today and now I am craving a gin and tonic in this heat! I want to drown in the sweet bubbles and chew on limes! BUT I am determined to do this, for the last year or so alcohol has been creeping up into my life more. Suddenly one drink on the weekend is more like a couple of drinks every night, realizing why is the first step and the second is cutting it out altogether in this Whole30. I might be surprise at how much weight those cocktails give me!
Heavy cream is all I drink for milk, I love the smooth way to goes down and a small cup of it goes such a long way. Mixing that heavy cream in with vanilla in the ice cream maker was a very night dessert for the first of the summer. No added sugar made me feel healthier but it was that frozen cream I loved so much (As it's flaming hot outside right now....torture to talk about it)
SO How am I doing so far?
I'm struggling greatly, I am always hungry, I eat eggs, bacon, steaks, saute veggies and go back to eat it all again! Then I make a fruit salad telling myself what is missing are those perfect shaved dark chocolate shavings! Nope fruit all cut up together in the salad is as good as it gets and I am only 26 more days away from reaching this goal.
The goal, MY goal is to do this so that I can  re-start my eating habits and not be so consumed with sugary foods.....
Like those dark chocolate truffles with that soft gooey cool center melting on the warmth of your tongue as it softly dissolves between your finger tips and your lips! 
OoooooOooooooh Such Perfect hand made dark chocolates, they are so completely wonderful you will crave nothing else afterwards!
I am doomed!

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