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Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 20

     This Whole30 diet has not been the magical month I thought it would be, I had pictured doing this with such ease and calmness that my body would be balanced and normal again after all was said and done. In the last 20 days I have been on a roller coaster of emotion and cravings! I have been super energized doing a hundred things at once or flopped over my couch zoning out in front of the TV wishing for a gin&tonic so desperately bad that I go a bit crazy!
This past weekend was a family reunion in Salt Lake City Utah, my husband's Grandma Beth turned 80 years old and all 7 of her kids came together at the Maddox Steak House for a big weekend celebration. I knew going into the weekend I would be drinking a few red or white wines, I was ready to cheat a bit more in this whole30 for the fun of getting together! BUT I didn't think I would be so tempted to have pie at the steak house like I was! Such fresh local peaches spread over a pie crust with that same glaze my mother use to make made me steal a few bites from the ever so chilled, very cool cousin Laura Jo. When she met up with all of us at the mall earlier that afternoon I knew that I would liked her instantly! My Mother-in-law Jo Anne explained that they were good friends growing up, so I got to tag along beside them as they were chatting away over all the years that brought them back together again. Often I found myself listening and laughing to those ladies thinking just how lucky I am to be apart of this reunion! So I had a few bites of pie in cheating once again and followed my husband's craving for ice cream to a shop. YES I did have ice cream....Finally after 20 days of no dairy I ordered a cherry milkshake! CRAZY I know!  But things like Cherry pie or Cherry ice cream are my favorites so it's hard to not give in! YET as I drank only half of that milkshake I realized it wasn't as good as it use to be in my memory.....JUST like with everything else once you change your taste buds these things change flavor too! My body does NOT want these things like bread or sugar or milk to come back in for a fight anymore, How long have I lived making bad choices in my food and leaving my body to struggle afterwords? I am glad that I tried the ice cream even though I shouldn't have any on this whole30....Because I saw in comparison to how I used to feel and eat before when I was over weight to right now as I'm shrinking down in size, This no dairy time has given my body a rest, a time to heal and feel great again! I can not help but hope by the end of these 30 days I will have all of this figured out in what to eat or how to look at the bigger picture for a long life!

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