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Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 24

This year the Fair feels very well organized and moving right along very fast after all these different games and contests. The Cupcake contest was amazingly creative and fun! Although since I have gone a year gluten free, the taste of cupcakes do not really seem very good anymore. I guess I can NOT have my cake and eat it too! HA! 
I was busily enjoying the show of pretty cupcakes and watching the judges decide while washing the rainbow colors of frosting off tables and plates. If I got a bite I was surprised at how different I am now! I will think more about this fact before I share......Hard to believe 24 days ago I thought I would sail through this diet with no problems. I feel really silly now by how much I may slip up in a bite here or there of things I shouldn't eat! I learned my lesson by how different the foods with sugar don't thrill me anymore! The creative side of me over how cute cupcakes are and fun the decor was this year was thrilled! My taste buds however didn't agree....I love this job no matter what though! It is my big goodbye time to the end of the summer season!

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