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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 16

It's not easy working the Fair with so many breads, muffins and donuts laying around to snack on as we work the setup! Honestly I was doing to good at first but THEN I was sent to the famous bakery down the road called Pastry Perfection.......Instantly I wanted a whipped cream croissant! So instead I had a few bites of a doughnut and got an instant head ache! 
This is such a fun hard working job, I'm racing around the building and carrying things up and down the shelves. I love each and every minuet of it all, So eating something sugary became amazingly hard for me not to do! It's good most everyone knows I don't eat gluten things so this helps me not sneak or cheat BUT that doughnut with the glazed frosting and chewy centered stay with me a long time after seeing in the bakery rows of goodies! I kept saying to myself that it looks good all those pastries BUT they make me feel so bad afterwords....and as I stood there ordering my co-workers a dozen donuts I smiled to myself at how ironic the moment was! I'm HALF way through the whole30 and it's not been anything like I thought it would be, although I do feel really healthy through out all these crazy moments of cheating, LIKE standing in the center of a bakery! What a different world it all seems to me now these cakes and pies, one bite is no free treat anymore and my body will protest! So even if I wanted to go back to those days of scones and apple fritters nothing will taste quite right or be the true delight I use to think!  This is progress, This is day 16!

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