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Friday, August 13, 2010

Something so Common

I was laying on his couch with a Victoria Secret Magazine, Wondering why woman's underwear is so damn expensive. I liked getting great ideas for my future but the dollar bill was in need of stretching to make it happen.
He came over to sit with me and I put the magazine down. This was my boyfriend Tony who always stop everything to sit with me. He even left his summer job for 10 days with only a few minuets notice that he was going to be gone supporting his Girl. What amazed me the most was he told them he wasn't sure when he would be back and he didn't care or worry about it ever again. I was raised to hang on to a job, to sacrifice your own time for work. But here in my life was this sweet guy who often said "Like your job BUT Love your Wife." So as we sat together I asked him "what is your favorite kind of pie?"  I loved these kind of conversations and questions. He didn't even pause to think he smiled widely stating "Apple Pie!" I back away from him with a frown and asked him "Why something so common?" His eyes widen and his laughter filled the air. "Common?" he shot back. "What is so COMMON about Apple pie?" I rolled my eyes like he didn't get it.  "oh please apple pie IS so common, My Mom baked an apple pie almost everyday I was growing up! In fact lately apple pies have been rotting on the counter, it's more common in my Mom's kitchen then a gallon of milk in yours." It had not accoured to me that my home was on an Apple orchard, But Tony put a hand to his heart as if I  had hurt him with my rant. "Rotting apple pie is just wrong!"
I laughed and sighed "Well come over tonight and see, Apple pie is just a part of the kitchen decor."
He shook his head and I said proudly "My favorite pie is Raspberry!"
He caught my eye with his mocking smile "Why something so common?"

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