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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Good OLD Days

Now that I am getting older, I have noticed how easy it is for me to think I was lucky to be born before the changing times. Before the ".COM" decade, along with all these technical advances we see in today's "Rat Race". Instead my childhood was full of the outside world, with memories of hands on learning or watching nature shows on TV. I can see myself today referring back to those "Good Old Days".
Just like my Mom who always shared about her "Good Old days", I am now thinking in the same way. I chuckled when I realized this just the other day, when I see how funny I have become. As a child I listened to so many of those "Good old days" stories from my Parents and other adults. But I always thought the time I was in had to be better then those olden days. I often sat silently listening to my Dad visit over dinner with his parents. They shared in all kinds of small town gossip, with the history of the past and the up-to-dates they knew. I saw the good old days flood them with laughter, with sarcastic jokes and those big smiles. I loved such moments like that in my life when I wondered about the "Good old days" after all. I liked seeing my Dad come alive and hearing about his childhood adventures. So when the Grandparents visited they brought with them those "Good Old Days". If I ever asked my Mom about the past, ever studied history or walked through the Museum with her. She would always have such an endless knowledge of the truth, on how the world as a whole was better in those olden days. Why she could talk up one of her many speeches on how all the good people are now dying and the reckless sinful people have taken over. I remember how she saw the world while I was growing up, I remember her words so clearly. She was very convincing as the ONLY teacher I actually had. The world once was good, not just because her bible said so, but because America was first founded only by the Christians. These Christians were the good part of our nation, so without them this "Good" in our old days was about to end.
How amazed I was when reading "Catcher in the Rye" one quiet late night in my first apartment, I couldn't help but say out loud to myself "The Good old days really sucked!"

Within our minds we can pick and choose what was good "back in our day". We can get stuck missing a time in history when we were happy, or when it was easiest for our lives. But really all of TIME is the what we make it, what we want it to be. History shows how people create the events that get remembered, like how being a Jew when Hitler came to power was a VERY bad time, or how Rwanda suffered such genocide in 1994. 
There is no such thing as a "Good OLD Day", We just have right now to decide how history will go down, how time will stand still in our memory, how we can live it. 
WE are in control of how we will remember some of the GOOD OLD TIMES.

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