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Friday, August 13, 2010

Scortched Strawberry pie

I was in my bedroom when the rich smoke smell greeted me. Like an alarm going off in my head I dropped the clothes I was folding and jumped over the cat laying under my feet. My dog's head pop up from his napping place on the pillows of the bed. "Oh Shit!" was all I mumbled as I flew to the kitchen. It has been said I have a Hound dog's nose, I can smell out the very location of a lost apple core, a tuna can not rinsed or the far back corner of the broom closet where a loose grape is turning raisin. So in my small condo kitchen full of gray smoke filtering out from the oven I could smell the every detail of the fresh strawberries dying. "oh no no no no..what the hell?" I asked myself as I pulled the pie out of the suffocating oven. I looked at my cookbook again and check the temp, check the pie crust and the black paste inside it. "Oh now that's GROSS." I said more to my dog then to myself. He was watching me alarmed by my actions earlier so he followed me, now his floppy ears were up as if to ask me what is wrong. The cat was busy eating again looking at me like she was annoyed by all the smoked. "Well we won't tell anyone about this... okay?" I am always talking to my pets as if they could easily reply. So I toss out the first attempt I ever made of  Strawberry pie.
Now I love baking more then cooking, I often whip up an Apple pie in just a few minuets! But my very first Strawberry pie attempt was dangerous!  I ended up making my own crust, baking it first and cooling it. The cookbook was placed back on the shelf  "Some help you were." I said to it as I went back to my fresh strawberries, I was so relieved to have bought an extra box. The time it takes to wash, cut and slice the strawberries again was made bearable by the delightful radio. Once again I stood at the sink creating the strawberry filling. While all my open windows helped clear the smoke and my pets retreated to another nap, I just sang along to the music thinking Homemaking is just one of those flexible jobs, where nothing is the same, day to day.                                                       
And I wouldn't have it any other way.  

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