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Saturday, August 14, 2010

All She wants to do is DANCE

Last night at Music of the Vine the Blues Concerts were so lively, so Beautiful outside in the summer evening. I often think about my attraction to Music, to those shiny instruments. I understand Music was a big part of my life as a child, as I grew up my radio was rarely ever off. My favorite time in Church was always the music, the singing and the transition to another world. 
As little as 5 years old My Mother explained to me how important it is in listening to the words of a song, so you know if you agree with the message or not.
I use to lead my siblings into dancing around the living room in those very early years of our lives. I would get us up on the top of the couch to jump at the end of a song! 
Dancing as a child is the best time in One's life, because there is no fear, no second guessing or judging. You are free to just be Happy, to be moving with the fun sounds around you!
The first night in my own bedroom at the age of 17 I danced until 3 am, I put in my favorite cassette tape over and over to celebrate the freedom I was given, and the joy of my own space. I used all those nights so often to just  brake out in tune. 
So last night's dancing brings me back to remember how I love music, how it was always with me. I wish I could dance like Beyonce, but really I just dance for me.
My Husband is so use to my dancing, that often he just chuckles and lets me go!
I remember having a quiet dinner with my Grandma Norma when I was 21, My family was out of town and I had a job, also had to look out for all our pets. Happily I often ate with my Grandparents. 
My Grandma was perfectly 5 foot tall, adorable little Lady, She always said "MERCY!" when she was startled or worried. She often broke out in a Prayer usually grabbing my hand at the same time and I would quickly bow my head or close one eye making sure I was supporting her.
On this evening Grandma kept looking at me excitedly, I was finishing up my canned green beans on my plate when I asked "What is so funny Grandma?" Her head tilted side to side to look for my Grandpa, who had left to put more wood in the stove. She giggled when I asked so I smiled back, for my Grandma's giggles were always so cute, I preferred them to her frowns. At this moment she jumps up taking my hand to lead me into the Family room, "Grandma?" I asked following her. "I am so excited, just so excited Debby!" she replied to my confusion. In the glowing light of the family room she turn to me with her arms wide out and she twirled in place, I laughed out loud and sat down to watch her dance. When she was done she said breathlessly "God told me in my morning bible study that dancing is a form of worship to him and I shouldn't feel afraid to do so!" I smiled proudly at her as she kept dancing, breathlessly explaining how she now loves to dance like this. the soft chuckle came from my Grandpa who sat down beside me to watch his wife dance, They shared in such a loving moment that night. I was thinking to myself that I had been dancing like this for years, but there was such joy in this new discovery to my Grandma and like a child she came alive as she danced for us, Her excitement, her happiness was just so beautiful. 
Standing at my Grandma's grave site, having to say goodbye, brought back this strong memory of her dancing into that glowing night. So where ever her spirit is, I hope she can dance!

"....Now she's in me, always with me, tiny dancer in my head." -Elton John

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