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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Life in Lavender

I am always lingering among my lavender bushes, watching the honey bees work happily in the sunshine. As I usually crush a stem of lavender in my fingers while walking my dog outside, I am lost in such happiness, such peace that the smell of the plant gives me.
How many plants can I grow around my bedroom windows?
I thought it would be way to crowded yet they bloom, they scent the evening air with a sigh of relief. My sweet Hubby often says he can smell his favorite flowers just before falling asleep in the cool summer air. I enjoyed when he baked lavender brownies and like a kid he says
"This is WONDERFUL!"
Together we seek out Lavender farms on vacations or drink lavender lemon-aid whenever it's on the menu. Understanding the magical world of lavender is just the beginning into the world of LOVE.

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  1. Lavender is such an enchanting and calming smell!!