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Saturday, July 1, 2017

No Hard Feelings

With family we should be able to hurt, to hug safely knowing our tears of loss and pain are very real. Knowing we are loved and comforted when we come together.
          My Aunt Karen has a wonderful husband who has such a big heart, who is always outgoing and smiling. He shared this song with me as they have been going through their own family grief for Uncle Matt's brother has recently passed away. I wanted to give them a hug in person, knowing they hurt right now and are going through such a sad time. We got to sharing how music can really help put feeling into words.

With family so kind, so thoughtful, so generous and nice as them, I am grateful to know them and I turly hurt for them!

I am so grateful for music to help us get through these painful hard times and our life story changes again.

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