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Sunday, July 9, 2017

How it is....

How grateful I am that I had a brother like Derek in my life.

How blessed I was to grow up with him.
How good it was to be adults together with our shared memories and history.
How sad it always will be to now live on without him.
How amazing it is to hear the stories of how his sudden death brings out everyone's best behavior towards each other.
How magical it is to see the love and hugs come from remembering him, remembering that time is all we have. 
Why not be the best we can be? 
Derek was the best he could be and I shall miss his laughter and how kind he was. I shall miss his humor and clever comebacks, most importantly I shall miss his friendship.
How hopeful I am to see him again one day maybe in Heaven or in the mystic wonder of the spiritual world or the endless time of cycling souls, of the dreams or the memories I seek to cherish him! Maybe he will come to hold my hand in my last breath, or when I face another trauma on this earth in the years ahead.......I wonder How it is or how it will be........

(I sure miss you my brother no matter what it's all about in the end I am left simply missing you!)

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