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Friday, June 30, 2017

June's Chinese Year

          June of 1982 was the Chinese year of the dog, and of course I adore that fact! 
(since I love dogs so much)

I know as this month comes to an end, This month of honoring my brother Derek, I have to let it go in my tears against the morning sunlight, in looking up at the trees, in admiring the bees. I have been spending more alone and I like it so much.
I want to grow stronger from this, in remembering my brother in a hundred ways a day....
How grateful I am that he was my friend, I am in awe of that fact alone!
I like learning all these little facts of being born in June. I hope to never forget any of our many deep discussions and debates. I hope to never forget how we often sat beside each other at family functions and dinners. June was a perfect month for him to be born into, I will always remember that day as I look back in time.
This is magical month, my favorite month of the whole year! So it's hard to see it come to end as 
Derek should of turned 35 years old. As I take comfort in the warm summer day hikes and long reflective moments in nature.
......As I miss him so much!!!.....forever....and always.

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