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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Staying in Sandpoint

             It was a relaxing and yet a busy family time the moment I arrived into Sandpoint Idaho last weekend.
I arrived to my Auntie Val's home that Thursday evening.
My road trip up was very beautiful in June's wonderful weather! I was ever so grateful to be on my own.
I was even more grateful to stop at the coffee shops along the way for a nice safe break to stretch my legs.
Auntie Val's home is tucked up into the mounatins, the enchanting forest like a magical place for children to play in all kinds of stories and adventures. 
She and I enjoyed that first evening in her cozy living room. We shared in person all the things our lives have been through, how I can be of good use to Grandma Eva when we go to see her in person the next day for her 83rd birthday. We talked about how close she came to dying and why I was grateful to head up north to be supportive in understanding, in all of my love for my family.
  I was so grateful to arrive that night, remembering how Auntie Val and I had talked on the phone so often over the last 6 years since my mother's stroke, since I needed family back then to get me through that crazy trauma. she understood that, she supported and prayed for me. I will always be so thankful for her in my life!

Then there was the weekend of my brother's funeral, Auntie Val came in with arms open and true tears of love for me as I fell into her embrace saying "MY little brother!?!?!? Why???" She gave me a comforting confidence as she asked what could she do for me and I said "I need a black dress." Our mid-morning shopping with her compassionate and caring son Henry, gave my husband Tony and I much needed tender loving care. Cousin Henry saw to it that I didn't drive or stress over any decisions. Auntie Val and I spent time together in the back seat, she was perfectly aware of how to love and comfort, how to hope for our big family to heal through this. I will always be in awe of her advice and cheerful smiles as I picked out a dress in my daze of grief. She gave me the joy and the peace of mind that I am not alone in this tragic event.

In fact when I look back through our lives in our big Rudy and Eva Klein family, my Auntie Val has always protected me. She always knew right when to rescue me!
I felt such gratefulness being with her that whole weekend in remembering she always knew how to care for us kids, to give us a little TLC, tender loving care when our parents flew off the handle or behaved aggressively in many ways of crazy dramas, she would quickly step in to redirect us kids and carefully to get us out of the way. I am so gratetful for her!

My Auntie Val always saw how to turn a stressful sad moment into a new smile, a new adventure and a new story for joy of living!

She was good at not taking sides as she took us kids out for ice cream, after a screaming family moment she would say "Obey your parents, don't make them upset that way they won't hit you so much. That way you stay in their good grace, or just hide out until their bad mood passes." Her wise auntie advice has saved my hide many times! I am glad she knew how to be protective and brave against any type of bully!
.....and I realize now that all of those stories makes me who I am today. 
She wanted a close caring loving family just as much as I did as I grew up running to her for a big hug!

I understand that time is all we have.....sharing it with those we love is even more important now, that giving Grandma a hug good night with Auntie Val by my side was so precious and so cherished!  Time is all we have.......

And so staying in Sandpoint was delightful, visiting St. Maries and being with family for the weekend gave my soul such comfort!
Having my Auntie Val and Uncle Cory in my family, in my life makes me truly blessed! I am deeply grateful and truly glad I got to spend time with them!

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