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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Stars Of June

   The stars of June are bright and brilliant! I have been studying over the years what it means to be born under those very same stars!

My Brother Derek had these stars shinning over him the moment he was born on June 13, 1982.
The magic of it all leaves me in wonder!

How grateful I am to of known him in my life!

How very Gemini he really was too, it makes me smile in remembering him and how blessed I am to of been his sister, as an Aquarius I can see why we often got along so good, our star patterns were shinning nicely together....

I sure will miss that,
       I guess the stars never leave us in the end.

How fast is the month of June flying by? I look up at the night's sparkling sky as Gemini leaves me and I feel sad to see my brother's sign go.

How I see now that the clock on the wall is pointing North, I hear the tick tack of time, I feel the hurt in this great painful grief that only the mountains can remind me of this earth's beauty once again!

How I feel stretched thin, and lost in a long list of craziness. The stars remind me that it will all work out however that will look in the end.

How I long for the scent of pine trees, and the laughter in family! 
And so I leave tomorrow, I will head north under the June sky!

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