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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Take me Home

"Were you born in the Mountains?" the little kid I was babysitting asked me this as we walked to the park, I choked on a laugh asking "What?" He explained in his adorable wise 5 year old self "You know, like are you from the mountain people?" I smiled big in surprise by him answering back in a nod "Well yes....actually I was born in the mountains." He explained "I KNEW IT! I was thinking you had to of been born from the mountains because you don't care about all the things people from the city care wear whatever you want and you live just like the people from the mountains do!"
I joined him on the swings looking right out into the mountains surrounding the City of Boise Idaho and I smiled. I replied back "I guess you are right! I never thought about it like that before, I am apart of the mountain people! That explains a lot for me actually, HA!"
We enjoyed the beautiful June day at the park next to those beautiful mountains.

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