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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sad Times

The weather has been very appropriate for sadness, we have had lots of rain and cold with one sunny nice day in there along this time of bereavement. 

It is as if even the sky is done crying for a bit,
The sun light comes out to warm us up just enough to sit together reminiscing for awhile then the next day is gray again.
Such is the way of grief, the way of hurting loss.

You smile one day and go out into society with new ideas for things to do then the very next day you stay inside crying and looking through family photo albums. (This has been my experience so far away)

I like all my pictures, all my facebook connections and all the stories my brother Derek has left behind.
I like being able to go out to the farm and help my mom as much as I can this month, I know life will go on and get distracting again but for now I like just helping her out in any way I can.
 For these are very sad times, I am as I should be in every emotion and in every memory......

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