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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Farewell Funeral speech

(My Husband Tony proudily read this in front of everyone at Derek's funeral yesterday)

Let it be said that Derek always kept Christmas well. He had such a joy in the holidays all year long and honored them.
For he would pay attention to what was important in his family for each event and he planned accordingly to honor those traditions and truly delight in being together.

When I was 20 and had my wisdom teeth pulled, Derek and I lived in the cottage on the farm so while I was healing I had night terrors. He would race in to hug me and calm me down but I was so afraid to go back to sleep that he laid down at the floor of my bed to sleep and be close by me, in morning as I woke to find him still on the floor by my bed I felt so safe and so loved by him. I joked as he woke up "Ya know the couch right there would of been better for ya." He smirked back at me as he stretched and woke up replying "Oh NOW you point that out!"

When our mother came to stay with me in Boise a couple of years ago, Derek came over for dinner and sat around the fire pit into the starry night with us.
The conversations was simply fascinating, always enjoyable as we loved discussions and debates, as we visited with our mother she would to advocate for a road trip and we would consider the possibility if we could make it a family trip and work together for her safety and companionship.

Derek shared with me that if the time comes he would be there with me in helping our mother take a vacation and I was so happy to think of the future adventures we could give our mother working together. He wisely added as he hugged me goodbye that night "It won't change the way everything is now. But it could be something to remember! You wouldn't travel with all your dogs too? I might of said "Yes." to helping ya to soon...could be like a zoo now that I think about about it!"
I laughed and reassured him that I wouldn't take all my pets along too.

I sure loved my brother Derek and how easy it was to talk to him about anything!

I will always remember helping him in his kitchen as we got ready for Thanksgiving a few months back, I felt so at home with Derek that I knew it was going to be such a wonderful family time!

He always had a way in bringing our family together again.

I love you Derek!

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