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Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Wild Card

I grew up playing the card game "Uno" and the Wild card was a great move to win suddenly and unexpectedly with those you were playing with.
Which got me to think about this past week of our national election, I am still exhausted from working on voting day, I cry very easily and have been surprised by all my emotions and thoughts coming at once over Trump now being President. I have mentioned many times in the facebook world over the last year that I can't believe this guy! He's a true creep-o against women, even kicking babies out of his rallies and always saying racists things. I simply realized his anger, his rude me-first attitude and he's big bullying ways are still not as scary as what Hillary is secretly up to....does anyone really know Hillary like they can clearly know and see Trump? ........then of course I realized last week to myself while walking and thinking as I do so often that of course he will win. And we women will choke on our coffee cup to cough and protest in surprise because we are not being respected in our proper way from him on screen and as we wonder what doors will close to us now, we can take a deep breath as we look to the future knowing this isn't the first time women are seen as less then a man, and since Trump is that man he can say all he wants about women, but we are NOT letting him get any where near us enough to grab a damn thing!

But then again he could be all bark with no bite, and that's again why he wasn't scary enough to a lot of women voters.

It's very easy to see why Hilary didn't win, I almost don't have to say anything to explain.
She should of stepped in the very second that Madeline Albright said "There's a special place in hell for any woman that doesn't vote for Hilary." because in that very second and that crazy shock like our drunk Grandma had just said something to us all over thanksgiving dinner, we stare on in horror and in true insult! 
OH, HELL, NO! Was all I could get out as I watched on....if Hilary had said "Whoa, whoa no I'm sorry ladies....ya know Madeline always passionate. We sure do love her but I am not sending ANYONE to hell...especially my girls in our sisterhood of America, please help me win the white house to see our feminine strength grow into the future together!"  HA! Imagine if she had said that instead, I think when it comes to women my heart glows like the wild flames of a warm firepit, I will always be there protecting my ladies till the day I die.....some women want to be left alone, and some will always try to get what you have but for the heart of most women when we love each other as we are, we are made stronger not sent to hell for being different....

I had no one to vote for in the end.

The world of politics is an emotional roller coaster if you let it dominate your emotions and control your reactions you suffer greatly, we all feel the pain of change and the always there uncertain future....
The world of religion is much the same way in having us identify ourselves as "Us Verse Them>" the battle lines are drawn so instantly and blood is spilled easily some say "IN THE NAME OF GOD." and some say "FOR THE COUNTRY!" the attacks, the killing and the pure rage takes away from anything holy, from anything good. That is what i am seeing in the aftermath of our voting day, and therefore I am not of any religion, not of any political party, I am a wild card using my money, my time and my energy for things that help, care and share a better life with those around me who let me be their friend. 
Because I would never turn away a hungry person at my door step no matter who they voted for, we are all trying to understand the big picture for our nation right now.
When we live with grace, our lives heal and have endless possibilities to the wonder of our breath! 

NO ONE is responsible for my happiness, expect me.
NO ONE can tell me what to do as a command, but I am always open to negotiations.
NO ONE in government can represent me as I will change up my flags whenever I feel it's right for me to do, for with knowledge comes a new awareness of something I might of missed along the way, this why grace is such a wonderful gift to share.....we didn't know yesterday what we learned about today and we will try not to repeat our mistakes along the way.

The card flips onto the table the whole group gasps back in waiting, fear in their eyes and they ask in alarm "What color? What color do you choose?" I smile all clever and witty saying "Well, wouldn't YOU like to know? HA!" They frown holding their hands of Uno cards waiting by my surprise move...they exclaim "Ya have to choose something so the game can move on..." I look back at the wild card on the table looking for perfect in action, I reply in surprise and less cocky this time "OoooooH Right!?!? Yes...what color do I choose indeed???? Hmmmmm......let me think here.....?"

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