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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

American Authors - Best Day Of My Life

As the oven heated up against the windy fall day, as the smell of cooking and baking filled the clean and cozy house I thought about what the best day of my life looks like.....for I have had so many many best days!
Embracing the new changes while still holding onto my homemaking traditions and style in the same way as always ....Perfection is food ready and music playing!

The best day of my life can be when my husband comes home with a smile and a kiss asking "Wow! Everything smells sooooooo GOOD! and YOU look sooooooo GOOD too!"
As we eat dinner, watch TV or just sit to eat and talk my husband says "I don't understand all these women wanting to be skinny or not eating certain things....I am the luckiest man to have THE most beautiful wife who loves to eat, drink and cook just as much as I do!"   I laugh and nod thinking how we are such a happy couple even when we were dirt poor just a couple of years ago, we were still enjoying the same things of home making and good eats. I'm grateful to know that we can make through it even if we have no food for a little while.

The best days of my life are by far more to count then those that were bad......

It's wonderful to see the sunset through my kitchen window to the yummy scent of coconut cake baking as I make this evening so perfect in every way by being home!

As the mulled wine sizzles a bit in the crock pot, as the dogs nap on the couch all together in among pillows and blankets, as a cat naps high on the love seat, as another cat naps in the small pet bed down low and as the other cat pushes up the my back legs meowing and purring I smile, this is a magical perfect group of animals as it all smells so good in the air I sit a bit to hug and kiss my pets and feel lovely all of life is, for this is just another one of the best days of my life
I needed this time to create, to cook and to accomplished.
and to be ever so grateful for every little detail to my life!

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