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Friday, November 18, 2016

OneRepublic - Preacher [Lyrics]

As generations shift up through the years we are found in our last decade by surprise so often and yet by all the experiences we have lived through while growing up, we know one day we will come to this time in our lives.....the gray hair and wrinkled smile make us realize time isn't stuck in place. 

I can still picture my Papa Rudy drinking his coffee in the small town's cafe with that brown mug in hand he waves us in and moves from his bar stool to the table welcoming us all in to sit with him.

I can see my Grandma Norma carrying a bucket of freshly picked cherries to her kitchen with her head scarf  on as she smiles against the morning sun light showing me how to wash them in the sink.

I can remember my Grandpa Ansil wrapping the hurt paw of our family dog explaining how to keep from getting dirty. He quietly, calmly holds the hurt dog close to him for me to help him in our concern and worry.

My parents are now the grandparents, everything has shifted and I am in awe of how important each generation is in teaching us all something important for the future.....

 I am young, I am old, I am singing my heart out!

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