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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Jimmy Eat World - The Middle

Lately I've been reminiscing through music, I love how Youtube has everything ever listed and easy to find.
I came across this music video and it was a song that we once had on repeat in my first apartment when I was 22 years old. My 2 roommates were sharing the bigger bedroom as we 3 young ladies sang to this song over and over again....I loved remembering those days from hearing this song again!
We were always having parties like this, HA! at least in my mind's eye it was like this.....I would get crowded in my own place then I would jump in the car and got to a movie or a quiet coffee shop for a break. My most common escape was the Truck Stop at 2am for a cup of coffee and a big greasy breakfast plate for my late dinner, sitting on my own was just as nice as if meeting my friends or boyfriend there. This song triggered those days in my memory, it was NOT an easy time but it was fun to sing together in our underwear in my cozy home with corn bread baking for our cans of soup night just being home.  I would never go back to living with 2 other women, to having so many people coming and going, but being young and trying to survive on a dime was made easier with music that we shared and the fun debates we would challenge each other into the midnight hours with wine coolers and cigarettes.
I loved homemaking even back then, my days off were always cleaning my apartment from top to bottom and baking something, after awhile we had people living in our dinning room or on one of our 3 couches.....I think it's good to look back at the chaos and the youth I had in caring for everyone in my new world of living on my own....This song was one that I sang at the top of my lungs while cleaning or cooking. Realizing I wanted to move on into Boise and move into my adulthood better was triggered from those 2 years of my first place. My first t-shirt with a logo on it was "Jimmy Eat World", I usually stayed away from words on my clothes...but this song was a good stress release, and I will always remember when they played on "The Tonight show with Jay Leno." through the small TV in my dying Grandparents bedroom I stopped in my all night care for them to listen and sing along, realizing how I NEEDED this song so desperately to give me joy and comfort in such a sad time..... 
As I put them to bed, the TV show played on "Jimmy Eat World."  the familiar tune and words I knew by heart reminded me that life goes on and on, cycling through all of us.......AND most importantly there is always going to be MUSIC to help us get through it all!

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